Can you stand not talking to someone you love for so long? Even with the its just a one-call one-text away?

  07/24/14 at 03:28pm

And when she’s gone. Don’t blame something or someone. Blame yourself bc you let something beautiful go. Blame yourself bc you didnt take good care if you got the chance and every right, when she was yours.

  07/24/14 at 03:28pm

Love is.

"Di nakakalimutang magparamdam kahit busy siya"

Well actually hindi naman counted as effort ang pag tetext eh kasi mag pipindot pindot kalang ng keypad tapos yun lang. Pero bakit marami parin ang di makaintindi sa simpleng bagay na yan? Kahit may load naman, o di kaya makitext diba? Magpakita lang na naiisip mo sila. Kasi foundatin yan ng isang successful na relationship, lalo na yung LDR -yung communication. Wala pa din yan kahit may trust eh, di parin mag woworkout. At ito ang dahilan ng mostly na reason bakit nagbrebreak up ang couple.

  07/24/14 at 03:28pm

The one you love and the one who loves you are never, ever the same person.

Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters (via words-of-emotion)

If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.

Lemony Snicket, The Ersatz Elevator (via feellng)

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I am a clingy girlfriend.

I will send you messages every morning because i want you to smile and the first thing you’ll read in the morning are my sweet messages for you. I won’t stop sending you a message when you’re not replying because i just don’t like that feeling that don’t text back. I will always say how much i love you so that you always feel that you are loved by me and i want you to remember that everyday. I will often ask you where are you so that i know where i can find you in case something bad happens. I will ask you who’s with you when you go to somewhere, no it’s not that i don’t trust you, i just want to know so that i won’t be worried. I will annoy you most of the time then give you a hug after that. I easily get jealous whenever i saw you sweet with your other girl friends but i know that you’re just being friendly and i understand that. I know that i am not your world and your life, you still have your family, friends and other business to do other than me. I just want your attention and i don’t want you to give someone’s attention the same way you’re giving me. Yes, i am clingy and i hope you’ll accept that part of me. I may be clingy but I promise i will be a faithful and loving girlfriend to you. I will love you more than anyone else could. Even though i am clingy, i promise i won’t leave you and i will fight my love for you.

Hi crush. Haha


I try to sleep to forget about everything but the thought of you no longer being mine keeps me up..

  07/15/14 at 01:10pm

Bc no matter how hard it is, I’ll stay, just dont ever give up on me

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  07/15/14 at 01:10pm

Knowing all my flaws and still staying

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  07/15/14 at 10:20am

Bought this lemonade bc its cute. And that DIY floral pot. And everything in the shop. 😍🌸🌸 (at Miyara Cake Patisserie)

  07/11/14 at 03:59am