Hi baby, well umm, i miss you. Like so much. Really. And fuck the miles between us, tho it ddnt go hundreds but anyway, miles still miles. Its been only three months of this but its like its been a year. Its somehow crazy not seeing you, craving and wishing ur with me everytime. Just so sad, that for less than year, we’ll get bigger miles than this and it scares me more bc it takes a lot of everything. People get tired, i know you get my point. But im not saying im gon end this, instead, i want you to know that I love you so much and im gon take fucking risk for you cause i know you’re worth it. I love you, baby.

  09/22/14 at 05:00pm


1. Finally a tea shop where only few people came here. Maybe bc its in the mall, idk. But it’s “okay naman yung lasa” bc pinoy

2. I wrote this 7 months ago sa wall ng isang Italian Restaurant -Canto Fresco. At lahat ng kaibigan ko na nakikita to was always “hoy pau! Kahit san lang nagkakalat pangalan mo!!” Hahaha. Anyways, food there is love love. Lalo na yung pork barrel, yes, mismo!! Kaya punta na kayo dito sa Tacloban. Hihi. I LOVE TACLOBAN đź’—

Didn’t really had much for today bc I was busy for some serious business

  09/02/14 at 12:39pm

Palagi kaming nagtatalo pag dating sa sobra.. Sabi niya "Anong maganda sa sobra? Sige nga." Sabi ko naman, "eh anong masama sa sobra? Ba’t ang bitter bitter mo?" Tapos sabi niya, "Di kasi maganda yung sobra bi. Tingnan mo, pag nasobrahan sa pagkain, sasakit tiyan mo. Pag nasobrahan ng alak, hyperacidity. Diba?" And it hits me…

Oo, siguro nga tama ka. Tama ka na pag masobrahan ka, may babalik sayo in return na masakit. Katumbas ng kasiyahan na nakuha mo sa sobra na iyan. Pero putangina naman yan, mahal ko siya ng sobra, as in, at wala akong paki kung anuman yung kahulihulihan nito, di ko alam kung worth ba o kung ano, basta ayaw kong quetionin sarili ko at baka mag bago pa isip ko. Siguro dahil mahal kita ng sobra kaya pinagpapalaban ko yung sobra eh.

  09/01/14 at 02:02pm

Traveling for aprox 2hrs, alone, every week or two just to see you for an hr or more. Overcoming that 51mi distance between us. One way to show how much I love you and don’t want anyone else anymore.

  09/01/14 at 01:36pm

Making beautiful words together with my pen on my right hand and paper on my table and thoughts of you in my mind reason why I write, jotting down every memories and every moments trying to explain such feeling that is unbent and forever

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  09/01/14 at 01:32pm

It’s like an extraordinary happiness,
extraordinary joy;
Ordinary me,
feeling extraordinary love
from extraordinary you.
You are amazing.
I love you

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  09/01/14 at 01:26pm


sleep is for the people without internet access


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How much of human life is lost in waiting.

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  08/21/14 at 12:28pm

When my absence doesn’t alter your life, then my presence has no meaning in it.

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I wanna make love with bae rn

  08/21/14 at 12:26pm